'a sanctuary for bringing light to the heart'

Yoga with Lucy Broome

Yoga Rising has been offering private, corporate and studio classes in Inner Melbourne since 2003. Her classes are currently running in Kew, Alphington and Point Lonsdale (over January).

Yoga with Lucy is an integration of personal experience combining hatha yoga traditions and biomechanics in order to release tension and unhelpful patterns from both body and mind. Classes emphasise the link between breath and movement, whilst providing an opportunity to rest deeply into presence.

Hatha yoga enhances flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. When practiced regularly and appropriately, yoga detoxifies and harmonises the internal system, bringing an overall feeling of well-being. The full benefits of a regular yoga practice permeate into all other areas of ones life, bringing about ultimate ease and joy. Come and try out a class and see for yourself!

The spirit in me greets the spirit in you