Yoga with Lucy Broome

Lucy Broome has been practicing yoga since 1996 and teaching since 2003. Her teaching style is a graceful integration of personal experience within a range of hatha yoga traditions. Lucy teaches from her own authentic experience and is not affiliated with a particular lineage. The journey of teaching for Lucy is one of constant discovery.

Her current influences include: Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Katy Bowman, Michaelle Edwards, Donna Farhi, Diane Long (Scaravelli Yoga), Prahlad (Sakshin Ghatashta Yoga), Paul Wooden, Clive Sheridan, and Mark Whitwell. In 2002 Lucy undertook four months of advanced yogic studies with Swami Venkatesh of the Atma Vikasa School in Mysore. This formal training gave Lucy a foundation from which to develop her own practice and her own style.

In 2012-2013 Lucy committed to studying Amrit yoga, during a year’s teacher training. This form of yoga is described as ‘meditation in motion’. The Integrative Amrit Methods are a means to integrate action and non-action. Through deliberate action in time and space one moves into a Presence where all doing disappears; where the doer and the action become one. From this state of unity – this state of authentic yoga – life becomes an effortless flow.

Lucy has been a member of Yoga Australia since 2003. She is also a mother of two, with a daughter born in September 2008 and a son born in April 2013. Her husband Jason Eldridge runs Naturopathic Care.