“I have done a lot of yoga in the last 15 years and the highlight of my yoga year is attending Lucy’s January intensives in Point Lonsdale. Her approach is all-embracing. She is able to teach large classes with a big variety of experience among the students and offer something for everyone and even more importantly, she covers not just the physical postures but is also able to impart many of the spiritually-enhancing aspects of Hatha yoga (without shoving them down your throat!). Lucy’s emphasis on breathing, a little bit of chanting, on respecting where you are but encouraging your body to experiment with going further, and the variety and freshness of each class really set her apart. Her classes, and her presence as a teacher, leave you feeling centred as well as alive and awake in your whole body. Her classes really bring home the idea of effort and surrender and finding the right balance in your yoga…and in life. She is a total treasure, I would recommend a course with Lucy to anyone.” – Wendy Tuohy
“Five years ago I went to my first yoga class with Lucy. It was held in the open in a park in Point Lonsdale. Yoga with Lucy made me happy, tranquil and strong. My body felt young and lithe. I slept like a baby for the first time in years. After a couple of months of weekly private classes my body started feeling like it was 17 years old again and a natural feeling of alignment and strength returned. Lucy has an intuitive understanding of the body and makes adjustments as you improve. I trust Lucy¬†completely with new and demanding poses and have never been injured from a class. Lucy is in tune with her client and reads the needs of the body at the beginning of each class. Lucy is funny and kind. She is also a deeply respectful person with a generous spirit and a profound philosophy on life. She is an inspirational teacher who you can depend on. She had never once let me down.” – Paula
“Lucy creates a very positive and encouraging energy in her yoga class. She always has a kind word and an alternative position to offer.” – Jane Inall
“Lucy’s passion for yoga is clearly evident through her teaching. For an older person new to yoga, I found that the challenges and discomfort of newness were immediately alleviated through Lucy’s positive encouragement and ability to put us at ease. She gently shares her yoga philosophy, guides our learning both for the group and for each of us as individuals with some quite different physical needs, and she consistently encourages us to push our comfort zones in a very safe environment. The experience is at once both challenging and yet deeply calming, and I always look forward to classes.” – Marie O’Sullivan, Kew Victoria
Lucy’s classes are fantastic. I feel blessed that I have found someone who truly guides me. Not only in a peaceful spiritual way, but also in attaining correct postures. Not many teachers truly teach and watch for that. I have tried a number of classes with different types of Yoga, but Lucy’s classes for me have hit the nail on the head. – Paola Triado
“I have been practicing yoga for 17 years with a good number of very skilful teachers. I have a regular home practice but I cannot resist a class every week with Lucy. She is an insightful and perceptive teacher, I love the flow of her sequencing, the economy and clarity of her instruction (I often hear a new perspective on an aspect of a pose I thought I understood well). I also really like her small and friendly class sizes.” – Sally Marsland
“I have attended Lucy’s yoga sessions over the last couple of years. She has turned me into a yoga lover. She has a calm but purposeful approach in sessions, but more importantly Lucy has the skill to modify poses to allow all to achieve the yoga experience.” – Lyn Howard
“Two summers ago I attended my first yoga class with Lucy at Point Lonsdale. I found yoga challenging as a novice, but with Lucy’s gentle encouragement and warmth I’ve become hooked on yoga. Lucy’s classes are a highlight of my week. The outdoor classes at Point Lonsdale behind the dunes are really special… I now practice yoga daily and feel tremendous, thanks to Lucy!” – Sue Weigall
“I had never done any Yoga before when I joined Lucy’s class at Point Lonsdale in the Summer 2013. I always thought Yoga was a bit too meditative for me. I was into fast paced gym workouts, power walking and long bike rides. However, it didn’t take me long to get absolutely hooked. Lucy has the most wonderful teaching style; calm, firm and easy to follow. I never feel stupid or intimidated in the class and everyone works to their own ability. My body so needs that stretching! Other forms of exercise fall into the ‘have to do’ category but not yoga. I really look forward to Lucy’s yoga class and it’s become an integral and very important part of my week.” – Roslyn Doyle